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  Al-Zahraa Factory was established in 1990 AD, more than 25 years ago, when the foundation stone was laid in the city of Jeddah. It was established and supervised by  General Manager (Mohamed Hanani) where  The factory was furnished on an area of approximately 6000 meters. For more than two decades, its steady and united management has sought to prove its presence in the Saudi and Arab market, until it became one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing accordion doors, which is characterized by quality and durability. The company has been distinguished in the manufacture of various types of modern, modern and innovative curtains. It was also developed in the addition of new and different products to provide all consumer needs in the home and decoration market with one hand, as he added strips of metal ceilings and wall binding strips as new products, and curtains for refrigerators and warehouses to complete the series of curtains that characterize and specialize in the company. The factory has been reinforced with workers and administrative staff The distinguished management of the factory until the factory took its leading position in the markets of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world.

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